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Meet Jennifer

Top 50 Workplace Leader 2024

Vice President of ACMP UK 

Fellow CIPD

TEDx Speaker and Published Author

Change is about people not rocket science, which is a bit of a double edge sword.  It is not to say that change is simple, it is just that we sometimes make it more complicated than it needs to be.  It is also not to say that people are simple, there just isn't a formula for people like there is with rocket science. 

This is why I am obsessed about people being at the heart of decision making in change. For the past 25 years, I have helped over 40 different organisations across multiple industries, such as Microsoft, Mott MacDonald and Barclays deploy sustainable change in an unpredictable world by using the end person in mind perspective with my unique holistic approach to change.  This approach is backed by research and has been tried and tested across multiple industries and sectors.  


Coming originally from the theatrical world of dance and acting, I have learned to effortlessly live with uncertainty and adapt to continuous change.

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