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Coaching to Empower Growth

A Change Coach provides leaders of change with a sounding board, advice and/or guidance on how best to lead and help people with change. 

My expertise is in leading change and I have a practical approach  that helps leaders know exactly what best they need to do to lead their people through change.  




Darren Russell, Chief Digital Officer and Founder of Mott MacDonald Digital Ventures

Jennifer led the change management side of the programme and had an immediate impact. Her intelligent, get it done style was exactly what we needed and brought a practical and pragmatic approach to what can be a challenging area. Jennifer helped to get us where we needed to be to achieve our objective.

Michal Kolomaznik, Project Manager and Scrum Master, Microsoft

Jennifer's clear vision and enormous amount of experiences helped us guide the client and empower them to build their own change practice. She is the ideal description of an inspirational leader who is doing something extra, something extraordinary for others to help them grow. Her frameworks, outstanding knowledge, enthusiasm, change management experience and openness became the essential motivation for the rest of us.

Tatenda Siwadi, Senior Website Strategy Manager, Investec

A force to be reckoned with’ is how I would describe Jennifer.  She has been such a great influence on me. As a young graduate, it is important to be surrounded by people that not only want the best for you but push you to be your best. Jennifer taught me that you cannot stop aiming higher and that’s exactly where I am heading. The next person to have the joy of calling her manager/mentor will not be disappointed.

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